Grow your business with Sales Joe…

Are you tired of buying in marketing data lists?

Are you sick of trawling through out of date data and making calls to numbers no longer in use? Do you struggle to keep up with which sales teams are targeting which companies and how far they have got to closing a sale?

That can all change with Sales Joe.

Sales Joe is the first and only lead management tool to come pre-loaded with the key decision maker contact details across every company in the UK, helping you make better, more informed business decisions, faster. Powered by Creditsafe; the worlds most used supplier of company credit reports, Sales Joe benefits from real-time updates making sure that data is always accurate and up to do. With a tool like Sales Joe in your office, you can move all your prospecting efforts online, assign tasks to team members and get accurate and up-to-date information when looking for your next customer.

So how can Sales Joe help you?

  • Identify and contact the key decision makers

When you’re trying to win new business, you need to speak to decision makers. Deals can be slowed down or even ground to a halt if you don’t speak to the right people. Sales Joe holds over 12 million decision maker contacts, ensuring that when you find the right companies to target through our filtering system, you are able to speak to someone who can make the decision on a deal.Sales Joe Dashboard company information image

  • Accelerate productivity

Your whole team can have access to Sales Joe, aiding organisation and efficiency. Your team can spend less time manually writing notes and more time targeting companies you want to do business with. Helping to reduce human error, Sales Joe can aid your team to record calls, schedule meetings, add notes, keep tabs on deals and forecast sales all in one place. Team leaders can also set tasks for their team, ensuring everyone is on the right track to success.

  • Work with confidence

When you’re prospecting with Sales Joe, you are also able to see key financial information which is integrated into the system thanks Creditsafe’s When you’re about to target a company, you can check their creditworthiness from the click of a button without trawling the web for information. Gain insight on their performance, sales revenues and financial strength which has already been calculated by Creditsafe, so you can find the information quicker and close deals faster.

  • Measure successSales Joe Dashboard activities and tasks image

Visualize your sales pipeline and forecast with confidence. Sales reports show you meaningful charts so you can quickly understand how your team is performing, compare results and identify upcoming sales opportunities. Reports can be broken down by teams, individuals, campaigns and results over time.

  • Reduce costs

Sales Joe has information on every business in the UK, so you will save money on buying in data lists. The added advantage of it being the only lead management tool that comes pre-loaded with financial data will also save you from bad debt if you deal with uncreditworthy companies who don’t pay you. The financial data incorporated into Sales Joe will allow you to make decisions on who you want to target and if they are creditworthy enough to do business with.

Sales Joe can be used within any B2B business, whether you have 1, ten or 50 employees. It is a flexible tool that can be shared amongst teams and utilized to organise and manage your sales pipeline.


Happy Selling!

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