Keep your Eye on the Target – 4 Top Tips for your Telesales Campaign

If you run a telesales organisation, you will know that making 100 calls a day in a fast paced environment is trying.  It is sometimes difficult to get your sales people to remain focused and keep moral high, especially if you’re struggling with data and your sales staff feel like they’re hitting a brick wall every time they pick up the phone. So what is the key to a good telesales campaign? We have created some tips for you to consider to help boost your sales activities, keep your eye on the target and win more deals!

1. Choose your audience

When choosing your audience you have a few options. Do some research into new markets to find out what industries would benefit from your products and services. Do some digging on the web, communicate with people in different industries, put surveys out to your network or even check what kind of customers your competitors have. Secondly, you could analyse your own customer base. If you are really benefiting from selling to one industry, why try to change something that’s working? You could narrow down your audience within that industry to niche markets and target them with different messaging over the phone. Targeted sales pitches work better than a common script, so think about what you’re saying and who you’re saying it to when looking for new business.

2. Have clean data

Clean data is a must in any telesales organisation. You could spend your day going through a whole spread sheet of data and some may be duplicates and some may be out of date. The trouble with directories or data spreadsheets is they can’t be continuously updated. Things change quickly in the business world and companies become insolvent every day of the week. Our advice is to take your data online. Products such as Sales Joe are updated on a daily basis, and can offer you information on every business in the UK including key decision makers’ contact details. With a tool like this, you won’t waste hours on end calling numbers where nobody will be on the other end to receive your call.

3. Don’t forget to follow up

Following up calls is crucial to any business, not only telesales organisations. If people are too busy to speak to you, remember the three P’s. Stay positive, persistent and polite. Make notes on who you have tried to contact, when you tried to contact them and when to follow it up. It is also an idea to keep notes on what you have discussed with each person previously so you don’t mix prospects up. If you’re calling hundreds of people a day you may forget what you have said to who and how far into the pitching process you have gone. Again, Sales Joe can help you with this. You can spend less time writing notes and more time making calls. You can log all your deals, opportunities and progress on each company in Sales Joe and set yourself reminders and tasks to be completed on certain days. You can even add in your own personal notes.

4. Measure

Measuring your efforts is a great way to learn what you’re doing right and wrong, allowing you to adapt your approach and improve. Keep
track of opportunities won and lost and focus on any weaknesses you have. Some approaches may work better with certain industries, so keep a note of what you are doing with every prospect when you contact them.

Sales Joe can help you manage all your daily tasks in one place. It comes pre-loaded with over 12 million key decision makers’ contact details and is updated on a daily basis. You can also benefit from a company’s key financial information being embedded within the product (supplied by our partner Creditsafe), helping you to choose potential customers who are financially sound and are able to pay you. Find your ideal target audience from a range of filters,or find look-a-like companies like your best customers.


Happy Selling!

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