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Sales Joe has exciting news for anyone interested in lead generation. Our sister company, Creditsafe (The Global Business Intelligence Experts), has recently launched a quarterly Industry Watchdog report. The reports focus on the 12 main sectors of the UK economy, including industry, retail, manufacturing and construction; and is updated every quarter to give you a sector specific overview into each industry. Let’s take a look at how you can use this report to your advantage when searching for prospects and staying ahead of your competitors at all times.

About the Creditsafe Quarterly Industry Watchdog Report:

In the Creditsafe quarterly Industry Watchdog Report, you will find industry wealth, stability and employment figures, in addition to details of the active companies in the industries and the businesses that have recently failed. The report is set out in an easy-to-read PDF and is free to download for all Sales Joe users. Designed to be a useful tool for all sales staff, Creditsafe Watchdog reports can help you understand your industry and gain key insight into industries you are targeting. You can then use this understanding to plan your sales strategy.

How to Use the Creditsafe Quarterly Industry Watchdog Report:

In combination with Sales Joe’s lead management software, which makes it easy to keep track of all the leads your sales team is currently engaged with, Creditsafe’s Quarterly Industry Watchdog Report can help you close more sales. The detailed industry information presented in the report allows you to enter every sales call with confidence that you know your target industry inside out. This inside knowledge can inform your approach and therefore increase your chance of successfully converting your sales prospect into a loyal customer.

Get the Big Picture:

When pursuing new sales prospects, it is always important to have a deep understanding of your target market. Quarterly Watchdog reports give an overview of what is going on in the biggest industries in the UK, which can help you to assess the level of risk associated with certain markets and develop a sales strategy that maximizes your chance of success. In combination with the lead generation and management tools provided by Sales Joe, this information can help to put you on the path to sustainable business growth.


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